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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Descent into a New Maelstrom, 2: SCPoe to Sample Indie EBooks

In Part 1, Poe announced a new series aimed at connecting indie ebooks with potential readers by sampling their samples. Poe also detailed the types and genres of ebooks to be sampled, and the rating system that will be applied.

And now, as promised, here are the RULES for bringing indie ebooks to Poe's attention:

RULE 1. Expect Poe to be honest and to pull no punches. Expect the sample to be rated for style, editing, story, and the sample's ability to hook the reader. Price will not be a criterion, nor will it be disclosed.

RULE 2. Observe the limitations of type, genre, and targeted readership explained in Part 1.

RULE 3. Categorize your ebook's genre and target its readership accurately and specifically (e.g. "upper MG contemporary myth-fantasy" or "YA sweet historical romance.").

RULE 4. Do not submit picture books or early chapter books. No moving pictures, music, games, or anything called an "app." No fan-fiction or mashes, unless the source story is in the Public Domain. Absolutely no adult material.

RULE 5. Do not submit a title until it is actually available on the Net.

RULE 6. To submit, send a skeletal PM to this blog (see how to "Contact Us" in the sidebar).
  • The subject line must read Submission to SCPoe's Indie Ebook Sampler

  • The message should include all/only the following: book title; genre/target readership, author; publisher (including "self" if that is the case); publication date; e.g. Please review a sample of SEA KINGDOM, YA historical suspense romance, by Annabel Lee, self-published by Blackfeather Press, 2011.

  • No salutation or closing is necessary.

  • Include no links or extraneous text. No blurbs, reviews, synopses, elevator pitches, or similar.

  • Do not cut and paste the ebook sample into the message. Poe needs to find the sample the way other readers would, in the Net.

  • Submit only one ebook title per message.
Submissions that vary from the acceptable format will not be considered.

RULE 7. Understand that time does not permit Poe to individually acknowledge receipt of PMs; notify authors of the date on which a sample's rating will appear; or engage in any other individual communication.

RULE 8. Understand that Poe's sampler will express Poe's opinion alone, and will not necessarily reflect the views of other Route 19 Writers.

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