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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spice Up Your Writing

I’ve come to the conclusion that I lead a somewhat boring life. I’ve been living in the same city for 40 years, the same house for 37 years, and I’ve had the same husband for 46 years! My days are filled with everyday routines. There’s the food shopping, house cleaning, carpooling, cooking and writing. Do I sometimes wish things could be different and that I could spice up my life? Sure, it would be exciting to sail around the world, live in an exotic country or act in a Broadway show. However, these things are not likely to happen. But what I can do is to spice up my writing by using adjectives .An adjective's job is to modify a noun or pronoun. Just be sure you don't overuse them!
Here are a few examples of some “spicy” adjectives:

Appearance adjectives: adorable, sparkling, unsightly, clean, drab
Condition adjectives: alive, shy, rich, odd, careful, musty, clever
Feelings adjectives: grumpy, panicky, helpless, itch, victorious, angry, calm
Shape adjectives: deep, curved, flat, skinny, chubby, low, narrow
Size adjectives: colossal, petite, teeny, mammoth, large, tiny
Sound adjectives: cooing, purring, thundering, noisy, faint, raspy, hissing

Adjectives may not spice up your life but they’ll definitely spice up your writing!

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