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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Descent into a New Maelstrom, 1: SCPoe to Sample Indie EBooks

To be useful is an end to which Poe ever aspires. And in a writers' Blogue, Poe has been given to understand, it is deemed useful to publicize books.

Therefore Poe will search the maelstrom of the Inter-Tubes, to browse the myriad of books that lie submerged in the murky depths of the Amazon, or enmeshed in the famous Web. Poe will try to bring some of these treasures to light.

But Poe will not review these books. Reviews are certainly useful, but they require, Poe fears, an expertise and authority for which Poe has established no reputation. Besides, Poe reads and reviews slowly, and how useful would one or two reviews a month be?

Therefore rather than review, Poe will browse and report. In ebook terms, Poe will sample. Furthermore, Poe will hunt only certain e-lusive species:

Only ebooks; and specifically, those less likely to be reviewed by mainstream reviewers.
Thus, self-published ebooks; exclusively e-published ebooks; and ebook reissues of out-of-print conventionally-published books.

Only certain genres
; Poe will browse YA and MG Historicals and Fantasies.

Only the samples!
Poe's aim is to bring to light as many indie ebooks as possible. Therefore Poe's reports will offer basic information, a brief reaction to the sample, and a thumbs-up or down indicating whether Poe intends, or recommends, buying and reading the rest of the book.

Poe will apply one of the following ratings to each sample browsed:

Snapped up
(meaning, Poe has already purchased the full)
(Poe has added the title to a likely-to-be-read-eventually list)
Underwhelming (Poe will always specify the reason)
If / then
(Poe won't read on, but will specify the kinds of readers who might)
Rejected (Poe will always specify the reason)
Editorially challenged
(Poe will not mince words)

Is Poe looking for maps and guides? Most assuredly. In a week or so, Poe will post an invitation, and requirements, for drawing Poe's attention to ebooks Poe should sample and bring to light.

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