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Friday, January 7, 2011

Writer's Resolution

Okay. New Year’s resolution.
Keep office clean.
Divide. Conquer.

Trash into trash bin.
Sort all of these papers.
Pile A.
Pile B.

Hey, b for bug. What are you doing here?
You have a story to tell me?
Wait, you’re talking too fast. What’s the name of the planet?
You know what?
You’re a stink bug. You’re not from outer space.
You stink.
I’m putting you outside.

Okay. Where was I?
Oh, Pile C. Ohhhh, look at this picture of the doggie.
What a cute picture.
This could win an award.
I should get on the computer and see if there are any contests.

Wait. FOCUS!
Where was I?
Pile D.
Rejections. Where is my flame thrower?
Why did I print these out? To punish myself?

This writing is a mean business.
No wonder I can’t keep my office clean.
So many things to think about.

Oh, cat. You have a story to tell me?
The dog did what? Why didn’t you scratch him?
Oh, that’s right. Someone declawed you. It wasn’t me.
Do you want my flame thrower?

Ha, just kidding. Now, get out of here.

I’m sorted.
Sort of.

Get to work.
Uh-oh. Where did I put that outline?
It was on top of my coffee mug just a minute ago.

What pile did I put it in?
Where did I put the pile?

I want my mess back!


  1. My mother has a saying in her kitchen that reminds me of your post. Not sure who it is attributed to but here goes: "Creative women have cobwebs in their corners, not their minds."

  2. a friend from Sisters in Crime told me she used a hand-held vacuum to zap up wasps several months ago. as the wasps were buzzing around inside the vacuum she sucked up a stink bug. it instantly killed every one of the wasps. So, beware they are not as innocent as they seem!

  3. We have four dogs in my home, Kitty. Should I blame them if I don't get my work done on time? I might give it a try. Do you think anyone will buy it?

  4. Happy to find your blog today via Dryden Books. Also, happy to know I'm not the only one like this.


    ps thanks for the quote Lee.

  5. Hey, Kitty, Looks like a lot more creative work got done since I was there. Look on the stacks as traces of all the things you've accomplished. So obviously, you've been productive. I didn't see the ferret, though.

    Happy New Year!