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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too Much Organization Can Be Hazardous!

I’m not a “techie” and have had a number of computer mishaps, crashes, and malfunctions. In the old days – sixteen years ago – when I first began writing I used to print out my manuscripts. I store them in colorful bins I found at Wal-mart.

Then, several years ago, I discovered the flash drive! I’m not saying I’m paper-free, but flash drives have made my life easier. I have a number of them secreted in various places around my study. And, as I begin my next novel, I plan on getting another one. Even so, I can’t function without my notes, research papers, time-lines, and research books. But maybe it’s time to get some of those notes off my desk?

The piano might be a good place to put my notes. Hmmm. I did want the piano out of my study, but then where would I lay out my timeline?

Oh, that’s right. I have this nifty desk with its reference shelf below, just for that purpose. But if I move the timeline here, where will I put my research papers?

OK, I could put those papers on the coffee table. But, wait; I’ve already got reference books there!

Temporarily, I could stack my reference books on the couch. Yikes, Brutus wouldn’t like that! He might even take back his consent to use his name in my novel!

OK, soooo books go on bookshelves. I COULD put the reference books in the bookcase. But WHERE in the bookcase can I put them?

No, I will not say I have too many books. I just won’t! I know; time to get another bookcase! IKEA, here I come! H . . . E . . . double hockey sticks! I’ll have to get rid of the piano to make room for the new bookcase! You know, I’m just going to forget the whole thing. Too much organization is detrimental to my creative mind. Better to just ignore everything and write!

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