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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Meter Maid's Misplaced Work Space

I do not rhyme at desk or chair
or bench or table anywhere.
I find that I rhyme best instead
                                                           with pad and pencil in my bed.
It's not like we don't have two tables and three desks at our house, I just can't stand to write that way.  I get my three staples: rhyming dictionary, international thesaurus, and unabridged dictionary first. Then I add any other miscellaneous books I might need. Recently I was using a bunch of mythology and cryptozoology reference books. I  got those from my handy bookcase full of everything from Dr. Seuss to Dr. Spock. And by the way, my unabridged dictionary doubles as a place to put my tea due to its hefty size.  I can write for hours there and am not distracted by anything. Well, not distracted by anything in the room.  I had a bit of a diversion today looking up another word for the color brown in the thesaurus. There were 228 other brownness words! And one of them was "piccolopasso" and that got me on a whole other tack...
It all goes on paper until the first draft is done and then and only then does it wind up on my laptop. Which then literally is in my lap since I have that desk aversion going on.  I keep thinking that someday I might want an office, but not so far. This bed thing is working well for me.

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  1. I'm relieved to learn that you admit to using a rhyming dictionary, Andrea. Once, on a city bus (inspiration strikes on buses, same as in cars, you know!), I was roundly scolded by a total stranger because I was consulting a pocket rhyming dictionary. "That's cheating!" he blared.