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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Superhero - The Bookmobile!

It's a truck! It's a library! It's a Bookmobile!
On August 15,  the Chartiers Valley School District introduced a literary superhero to its community.  Instead of dashing into a phone booth to change, one of the school district's box trucks was transformed into a bookmobile.  Not faster than a speeding anything, the bookmobile obeyed all posted speed limits travelling to six different locations and saving the day by sharing books with some 200 children in the area.  Accompanying the bookmobile was the "B" Team; principals from Chartiers Valley's primary and intermediate schools.  Aspiring superheroes were also able to make a contribution by donating their own gently used books. 
After its last afternoon stop in Bridgeville , the bookmobile may have looked like it drove off into the sunset. But fear not!  The bookmobile will be back again next summer for all you eager children who believe in the super powers of reading!

Submitted by Andrea Perry

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