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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There's Still Time!

I received an e-mail asking if I would agree to be interviewed for the blog Pub (lishing) Crawl (publishingcrawl.com.) They wanted my reaction to getting pulled from the slush pile of Grosset  & Dunlap (Penguin Books for Young Readers) and getting a contract to write a series of early chapter based on my submission. I agreed, and Jordan Hamessley London asked me and Michael Kline, the book's illustrator, several questions then she posted our answers on the blog. Pub Crawl is written by a group of authors and industry professionals who blog about all things writing, publishing and books. I think you'll enjoy this blog and our interview. Look for, "Interview: Slush Story Success! The Doodles of Sam Dibble," then scroll down and you'll find a place to win a free copy of the first two books in the series. There's five days to go so you still have time to enter. Good luck!

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