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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's Not Easy Being Different by Kitty Griffin

Last night on "The Voice" Mia Z got booted off. (She's the gal in the upper left corner with the ponytail)
Her voice was different. 
Her style unique. I don't understand.
Sawyer is getting credit for his unique voice and he's most likely going to win the entire competition.

Okay, so I'm being a bit grumpy. I loved Mia's voice and to support her I bought several of her songs from iTunes. I think this 16-year-old who sounds as though she's possessed by a woman much older is wonderfully talented.

Sometimes though, sometimes being too different doesn't work. 

Especially for a writer and for a writer's first book. There are unwritten rules for emerging writers to follow and if they don't know them they can waste a lot of time. 

And that is so frustrating. And unfair. Because just like the young singer Sawyer is credited with being a genius and something NEW, because Mia choose an old style she finally ended up being voted off the show by America. Her coach, Pharrell, who recognized and delighted in her talent couldn't save her.

Should she have sung familiar pop songs in a familiar style? Because she has the pipes to do it. 

But she wouldn't be staying true to who she was. And Pharrell never ever asked her to change. 

Same thing with writing.

When I teach I always encourage people to be true to who they are and to what they want to write.

I just warn them, that being too different might mean it takes longer to break through.

Mia has a unique talent and fortunately she lives here in Pittsburgh where there is solid support for both live music and her style of the blues.

And i'll be happy for Sawyer. He's just a kid. He is amazing and I'll most likely be buying his albums in the future.

So how about you? Is your voice different? Is it going to help you get published or keep you from being published?

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