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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Writer's Onesies by Judy Press

http://yahoo Eurosport UK (to see the latest fashion in onesies)
The hot new style that swept the recent Sochi Olympics is onesies. Yes, the very onesies that my kids wore when they were little. Now, I'm not into fashion big time. My basic outfit when I'm home working on a book is jeans or cords and a t-shirt and hoodie. The thing about being a stay-at-home writer is that you never have to think about your wardrobe. But when I saw these onsies, I realized that they're the perfect outfit to wear when I write. And what better way to get into the mindset of a young child than to dress like one! But if you're not into wearing a onesie, here are ten other ways to gain insight into their world:
1. Observe children at play
2. See how they interact with each other
3. Listen to their dialogue
4. Talk to a librarian about books kids request
5. Ask a child about a book they've read
6. Check out parenting blogs
7. Observe children in a restaurant
8. Watch children interact with their pets
9. See what clothes they choose
10. Watch as the play sports

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