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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Joy of Friends

Cheep! Cheep!

How wonderful it was to go into a bookstore on Okracoke Island, North Carolina and see a dear friend. 

Part of being in a writer's group is not just having good writer friends, but having their books as friends. 

I have given "Cheep! Cheep!" many times as a present and I know what the receiver will always say, "We just loved this book." 

It's a tender, gentle, delightful story about welcoming someone into the family. Told with very few words and the cutest birdies, it's a cuddle-up, give me a hug kind of book. 

So, when I saw it on this bookstore on this remote island, I patted it and took its picture, the way you would if you found a dear friend in an unexpected place. 


  1. I understand that thrill completely! My family visits national parks all around the country when we travel. A critique partner has written historical fiction for children so I've found her books in many of the places we've been to. It always makes me happy to see these books in out-of-the-way places! And we've been to Ocracoke! Loved it there, especially the beautiful beach and that nice little bookstore (I've forgotten the name).

  2. Thanks, Kitty! For me it's like coming across a photo someone has taken of one of my kids off at college or on a trip. And thanks too, to the bookstore. I'm guessing it's an independent, since they seem most willing to continue to sell copies of books that may have charmed but didn't become commercial best sellers.