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Monday, May 13, 2013

Orange and Silver and Purple, oh my! Those Pesky Rhymeless Rascals

During my many spirited discussions at elementary schools over the years, the hottest topic in poetry is still that pesky rhymeless orange.  For as many students who agree with you that nothing rhymes with our citrus friend, there as just as many who say, how about 'door hinge?' I would counter that it is at best an imperfect rhyme.  Or, pray tell, how do you work a door hinge into a poem about an orange? 
As a matter of fact, had it not been for school visits, I never would have learned of those other rhymeless rascals: silver, purple and month.  However, being the hopeless rhymantic and Suessian that I am, my solution has always been to go where no rhymer has gone before - make something up.
Don't you hate to exercise?
I do it once a month.
The reason? I'm a lazybones
who will not jog or runth.
Eating peanut butter pie
is certainly more funth.

Go ahead and bend those rhyming rules! You won't be the first and you won't be the last.  If you went to rhymezone.com (a favorite of mine when my rhyming dictionary is not within reach) and typed in purple, pretend they give you burple, chirple and slurple.  Or beyond that, how about glurple? Isn't that the sound you make while slurpling your purple popsicle?

RHYMELESS ALERT:  On a recent school visit, a student added "pizza" to the list.  But he did go on to say it was something that he loved to eatza...


  1. Andrea,
    Another post that was so much funth to read. I can't wait until next month.

  2. I just had this discussion with my youngest about nothing rhyming with orange last week. Can't wait to read him your fun post!

  3. Great post, Andrea.
    I love when people give permission. It always opens the creativity door just a scooch more.

  4. My paintbrush is dirty; it's covered with purple.
    If linseed won't clean it, then maybe the turp'll.