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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My sister and brother-in-law live outside of Boston in the town of Sudbury,  Mass. They and their two daughters are die-hard Red Sox fans, make frequent trips to the Cape and every year either walk or run in the Boston Marathon. My husband and I were in the Ft. Lauderdale airport headed back to Pittsburgh this past Monday when I first heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. It was with great relief that after a quick phone call we learned their family was okay, but naturally our hearts and prayers went out to all the victims of this horrendous crime. I wanted this blog to be about writing techniques and other insights into the business of kids books but that's difficult knowing that none of us are safe from the evil doings of certain individuals. So today all I can offer is a Springtime craft to do with your children in the hope that it will bring some joy into this sad time for our country and the people of Boston.

A Floating Butterfly

Here's what you need:
Coffee filter (white)
Markers (not permanent)
Pipe cleaner (one long and a shorter piece)
Spray bottle filled with water

Here's what you do:
Cut out the coffee filter in the shape of a butterfly. Color the butterfly with markers, than lightly spray with water and allow to dry. Pinch the butterfly in the center and wrap the short pipe cleaner around the center for antenna. Attach the longer pipe cleaner to the antenna. Wave the pipe cleaner to see the butterfly "fly."

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