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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Memorial Day Puzzle for Kidlit Lovers

I love anagrams (words or phrases that can be rearranged to form other words or phrases). The anagrams below all relate to a single, memorable kidlit personage.

Can you rearrange the letters in each entry to reveal the original list? (If  you can, you may brag in a comment, but please don't post any spoilers--I'll publish the solution next week.)

Rave, Fay Wray!

Dishearten wheelwright

Giggly, gloppy epithet

Thickening the thin

Slow, supple me

Outhit, Rose veered

My blue bard

(Need a hint? The subject of this puzzle used nice karma.)

[Solution: I don't want to post an outright spoiler, but you'll find all the answers here.]


  1. Ah, clever, and the hint helped. But you didn't use my favorite: Etch thine thin king

  2. Excellent--you supply another anagram for *thickening the thin*. Careful--you may be catching anagram fever, too. (Do you ever work cryptic crosswords?)

  3. Oh, haha, of course - I had zipped through too fast and thought thickening the thin was another one, which is rather silly when I look at it now. No I don't think I've ever done cryptic crosswords. I'm not a huge crossword person, but I love Scrabble and Sodoku and logic puzzles.