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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bored To Death by Judy Press

It's the title of a recently canceled HBO series that I had been enjoying. In it a frustrated New York writer whose character closely resembles Woody Allen reinvents himself as a bumbling Phillip Marlowe type detective. Naturally in the end he gets his man and his detective novel gets published. Last night I watched the first few minutes of the Oscars and the title of this HBO series came to mind. I was bored to death! Enough with botox-ed actors congratulating themselves! Talk about being bored, I used to enjoy reading books by Janet Evanovich. She has the uber-successful series about a jail bondswoman named Stephanie Plum who captures the criminals who missed their court date while trying to decide which of her two love interests she'll hop into bed with. Now that she's milked the series and is up to fifteen or more books, all of which are starting to sound the same, I'm bored to death! And while I'm on the subject, below are a few boredom busters for the kids in your life. Enjoy!

-Draw a face with markers on an old white sock and perform a puppet show
-Turn a large recycled cardboard box into a playhouse
-Draw a row of squares then draw a comic strip in the boxes
-Create a picture by gluing down paper shapes
-Go on a nature walk and collect leaves, stones or twigs
-Sort small objects and put them into the compartments of an empty egg carton
-Hold a "Dancing With The Stars" competition and dance to music
-Read a book and act out a scene
-Make homemade playdough with a recipe off the internet
-Plant a seed in a soil filled pot
-"Paint" outdoors with a brush and a pail of water
-Trace your hand and foot onto paper then cut them out
-Cut a magazine picture into puzzle shapes then put them back together

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  1. Some great ideas. I'll definitely give a few of these a try with my 4- and 8-year-olds.