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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks, Verla Kay!

Olden times,
Picture books and
Cryptic rhymes.

Mentor, teacher,

Leads the way,
Built the Blue Board--
Verla Kay!

Kidlit forum,
Network gem,
(Verla kay dot
C, O, M.)

Newsie, viewsie
Questions? Answers?
All on Board!

Verla's newest PB

Teary? Weary?
End of rope?
Blue Board offers
Hugs and hope.

Selling? Kvelling?
Starred reviews?
Boarders gather,
Cheer the news.

Brag a blog,
Announce a book;
All on Board will
Take a look.

Verla's debut PB

"Does this house
Reply to queries?"
"Should I tell them
It's a series?"

Fonts and formats,
What's the rule?
"Been there, done that--
Here's the tool!"

My favorite Verla Kay title

Thank you, Verla!
You're Da Bomb!
(So is verla
Kay dot com.)


  1. Wow! Thanks for the lovely tribute, Susan. Your cryptic rhymes are quite a nice feature of this blog entry. (And no, they aren't "a limping attempt" at all! You did very well.) I just LOVE when people let me know my website and message board are helping them, and you did this in a very personal, wonderful way. Thanks again! Verla Kay

  2. Now this is one brilliant post I wish I could do half as well. I join in your tribute to the amazing Verla.