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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

S C Poe Joins Rt19Writers Blog

With varied/mixed emotions*, we introduce Rt19Writers' new contributor, S. C. Poe.

Poe is not actually new to the Route19Writers, qua critique group. But Poe is new to the blog. Indeed, Poe is new to blogging. When it comes to the Internet Tubes, Poe is Miniver Cheevy. Regrettably, Poe has always rather scoffed at blogs. . . .

But Poe has achieved a finished first draft (or, as Poe prefers to spell it, draught) of a middle grade novel. Now, Poe is revising. The time for queries draws near. And nowadays (how Poe hates that word!) with queries comes the requirement that the author establish a platform on the Internet.

So into the (back)light of computer-screen day (at bitter last) comes S. C. Poe.

Setting the Internet aside, we find that Poe has much in common with other Route19Writers. Poe shares a passion for fairy tales and folk lore with Kitty, for history with Susan, for suspense and military stories with Carol H, for the bildungsroman with Marcy and Fran, Jenny and Dave. Poe stands in awe of Andrea's versification, of Judy's craft with comedy, Cynthia's scientific prowess, and of Carol B's versatility.

Poe is a devotee of history, mythology, and the classics of all traditions. In reading and writing, Poe eschews contemporary settings. Indeed, Poe considers Mike Mulligan's steam shovel painfully modern. Poe consents to blog, but Poe will not twitter. And Poe does not cook. If you're waiting for ice cream recipes from Poe, you will wait a long time.

Say something to the nice readers, Poe.

[Poe gulps and mutters something that sounds like "h'llo."]

*Trepidation, relief, indifference, and that special glee that is only stirred up when one is able to say "I told you you'd come to this in the end."


  1. You can do it, S.C. Poe! Good luck with revisions and your queries!

  2. Ah, Poe. I love your line, "Poe consents to blog, but Poe will not twitter." Myself included. I would say I'm too old to twitter, but neither my teenage kids nor any of their friends twitter (or read blogs, for that matter). So maybe one has to be below a certain age, and also above a certain age to twitter (rather like Mr. Martin was both below Emma Woodhouse's notice, and above it)?