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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine in the Era of E-Books

by Susan Chapek

With apologies to Fred Rogers

It's words I love.

It's not the book I read,

It's not the electronic feed,

But it's words I love.

It's words all by themselves,

The magic there inside them—

Not the things that hide them,

Not the books—

Books are just outside them.

But it's words I love—

Their shape and sound and rhythm,

The stories they bring with them

Whether old or new.

On Kindle or on Nook,

On a compact disc or in a book—

It's words I love,

The words themselves,

It's words, it's words I love.


  1. Beautifully said, Susan. I fought electronic reading for a long time and received a Nook from my family for Christmas. I have to say I love having the Nook as a reading option, especially at night because my husband can sleep while I read. You put it into perspective that the words are what we love as readers.

  2. I do love my electronic reader too, (it has helped my wife to sleep a little better at night) mainly because of the ease with which I can access books.

  3. Your poem is very much to the point and something to keep in mind!