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Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome! (from Carol Baicker-McKee)


Pull up a chair and join us, a motley crew of writers living along Route 19 South in Pittsburgh. We're still just feeling our way around, but we're planning to  post 3 times a week on topics related to the writing life, the publishing world, book people, and of course enjoying the written word (and the illustrated one!). Also, we will talk about food, since we all like to eat while we write and read.

We're planning to pick a theme to blog about each month, but although we'll have that common thread, each post will be the work of just one of us - subject to that individual's quirks, specific knowledge and opinions, which the rest of us may or may not share.

November's theme: NOVELS.

We hope you'll join us to offer your insights and share knowledge, ask questions, tell us when we're being morons (okay, maybe not that), and generally have fun discussing this crazy life we share!

A little more about us:
  • Most of us write for the children's market - for every age group from infants to young adults, for every genre from nonfiction to fantasy. A couple of us also (or instead) write for the adult market, with a particular interest in mysteries. One of us is a poet (or meter maid, as we like to call her), and one is an illustrator who will yammer on and on and on about picture books. Um, that's me. You can tell me to shut up when it just gets to be too much.
  • Most of us are published writers, but regardless of level of publishing success, we all still feel like we are learning more every day. And we all have knowledge that we hope will prove useful to other writers at every stage from "thinking about it" to "book tour."
  • We are all avid readers. Maybe "rabid" is a better descriptor. We have strong likes and dislikes (and disagree at times, of course), so look for our reviews of exciting new discoveries or old favorites. We all haunt the excellent (and financially beleagured) local libraries and the dwindling number of bookstores...(another one - Joseph-Beth - just closed in Pittsburgh. Waah!)
  • We're active in the world of writers: we belong to a range of writers' organizations and we all attend conferences and author talks. And we like to visit the blogs of other writers, reviewers, and editors. We'll talk about controversies in publishing and bookselling, about big topics related to books like censorship and dealing with sensitive issues, as well as the ordinary questions and concerns of people who write or love books, from avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome to deciding whether conferences are worth the money to how to keep your family out of your hair while you work. And we'll include interviews of other writers, editors, agents, librarians and more.
  • Everyone of us is a decent cook. (I think.) Look from time to time for our favorite recipes - ideas for easy meals when you're crazy busy writing, recipes that go well with books we're reading, foods that unstick or inspire us or just sustain us in times of crisis.
  • A few of us are crafty. Judy, who writes gobs of craft books for kids, will post tutorials of fun things to do with your kids. And a few others of us will include tips or directions on book-related projects, from making a "butt-in-chair" (next post!) to knitting wrist warmers to keep your arms from freezing off while you sit at your keyboard on cold winter mornings.
  • Other things you'd like us to write about? Let us know.
Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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